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Signal Box A


Signal Box A workings

With the development of further lines originating from the station at Flinders Street it became necessary in 1883 to build proper signal boxes. The East Signal Box began in March and the West End box, which was located on the north side of the tracks, began in May. The West End Box was replaced on the other side of the lines by Signal Box A which came into operation in 1894.

The caption for this photo reads:
“A” Box, Flinders-st. Station, 22 years ago. Left to right: the late Harry (“Dad”) Walker, (signal adjuster), the late A. Collier (recorder), E. Hoare (retired block and signal inspector), the late C. Hargreaves (signalman), P. O’Neill (now signalman “E” Box, Jolimont).

Taken from the Argus, Tuesday 23 February 1909

A fire in Signal Box A in 1993 destroyed most of the upper timber level. As to what has become of the signal frame which would have occupied the ground level, to date that is not known.